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Karlheinz Boiger

Arch. Dipl.-Ing.

Architect Karlheinz Boiger was born in Austria in 1979. He studied architecture at Graz University of Technology (AT) and Berlin (DE). He already started working with Josef Hohensinn at Hohensinn Architektur studio during his studies in 1999. From 2013 to 2014 he was lecturer at Graz University of Technology, Institute for Architecture and Landscape Design.

After winning the competition for the Austrian Pavilon at the Expo Milano 2015 he founded the „“, an interdisciplinary think-tank of designers, architects, ecologists and artists, which aims to fi nd new ways of dealing with the interrelations of architecture and natural ecosystems in order to enable future hybrid practices combining sustainable technologies with natural processes. At the same time he was lecturer and project manager of the joint venture „Seewood“ which specializes in the field of ecological and innovative timber architecture. Since his partnership with Hohensinn Architektur he gathered a lot of experience in different fields of architecture and tourism as well as in the unusual field of prison design.



10:30 : Arkkitehtuuria 2 (Sali 101ABC)
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